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10 Reasons to Love Cold Weather

Why Minnesotans Love the Cold

Maybe winter isn’t your favorite time of year, but there are a lot of great things about the change of seasons and colder temperatures. Here are 10 reasons to love cold weather:Minnesotans love cold weather


With cold temperatures, we can expect Minnesota snowfalls, which are then followed by brilliant sunny winter days. What is more beautiful that the sun glistening off a fresh snow fall? 


Many of us have childhood memories of bundling up and playing for hours building snow forts, sledding or making snow angels. Cold temperatures and snow bring out sweet childhood memories.

Comfort Food

Oh how we love to make a big pot of chili or a crock pot meal that fills the house with the aroma of good food and family time. Yum.

Change in Wardrobe

Who wants to wear shorts year-round? Bring out the blue jeans and sweaters and fashionable, winter boots. It’s good to mix things up in your wardrobe, not to mention fun. 

Roaring Fire

On frigid cold nights it’s always so comforting to light a fire and enjoy the ambiance of the flames.

Bye-Bye Bugs

The cold temperatures kill off a large population of disease carrying bugs. We sure don’t miss them over the winter season!

Burn Calories

The colder temperatures mean our bodies have to work harder to stay warm, so we actually burn more calories in the winter months! In fact, you only have to be mildly cold to start the natural, calorie burning process. 

Pain and Swelling

Another health benefit of the cold is that it naturally reduces pain and swelling for many people who deal with chronic issues.

Brings Us Closer

Although some people prefer to not venture out as much during the cold winter months, some research suggests that even if we’re more isolated, we tend to reach out to friends and loved ones by phone or email, bringing us closer together.


We appreciate the winter for a number of reasons - the crisp air, the dark nights, the hunkering in. But with every season it also brings appreciation for the beauty that awaits! And after a cold winter, we’ll appreciate the spring temperatures that are sure to come.

The Minnesota winters may get long, and on those especially harsh winter days we've all surely asked ourselves, "Why do I live here?" But deep down, we know why. It's the change of season, the giddy, child-like feeling during the first snow fall, the strange feeling of accomplishment when spring finally shows up in June, and much more. So as these wonderful winter months approach, think of the reasons to love the cold. And if the cold is too cold, and you can't stay warm and cozy in your home, contact your local Minnesota heating experts – they're here to answer questions, help maintain your heating systems, and so much more. 


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