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3 Reasons To Get Your HVAC Preventative Maintenance Right Now


You can procrastinate on cleaning the gutters, mowing the lawn, grocery shopping, and even calling your mother back, but there are certain things in life you need to take care of on time. For example, your taxes, a doctor’s checkup, your dentist appointment – and, in our opinion – your HVAC maintenance. (And in our mother’s opinion – calling her back.)

So why do we rank HVAC preventative maintenance so high on the to-do list? Here are our three reasons to stop putting it off and take care of business right now.

Neglect Can Lead To Bigger Issues

You wouldn’t be able to drive your vehicle without gas fill-ups, oil changes, belt replacements, and tire rotations. And just like it would be bad to drive your car until it sputters out, it would also be bad to skip regular HVAC maintenance.

“It’s so easy to take our HVAC systems for granted,” says Keith Hill, technical support manager at Minnesota Air. “If they are working properly, they are ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ But that’s the issue. If we neglect them, they could develop problems.”

Keith says those problems could be due to low airflow, which is caused by dirty filters and dirty coils; water leaks and corrosion, which can be caused by plugged drain lines; or a myriad of other issues that can crop up in any mechanical device. Check out our list of common HVAC issues here.

It Can Save You Money

Just like your car, a few dollars spent on prevention may prevent hundreds of dollars in repairs, says Keith. Most HVAC manufacturers recommend getting the equipment cleaned, inspected, and calibrated at least twice a year. By doing the basics, it can help keep your system running longer and more efficiently. Plus, those regular check-ups also help you save money on repair and replacement costs, because you are ensuring it stays running in good order biannually. 

You can almost guarantee you’ll have fewer emergency repair costs if you schedule preventive maintenance and create a comprehensive HVAC maintenance plan for your home.

You’ll Have Greater Flexibility With Scheduling

The great part about making a preventive maintenance call right now in the spring is that you’ll beat the rush. Keith says to get the maintenance done prior to the hot weather and you won’t have to scramble along with the other procrastinators when they discover their air conditioner isn’t working on a steamy summer day. You don’t want to end up with a worst-case scenario, knowing you could have done something to stop your HVAC from failing.

“When it does fail due to lack of maintenance, it will likely be on a hot and muggy day, with a house full of guests,” says Keith.

Avoid the sweating and scrambling; call the pros at now – and for goodness sake, call your mother back!

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