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5 Reasons to Get a Garage Heater Installation

5 Reasons to Get a Garage Heater InstallationTechnology has come a long way when it comes to keeping you comfortable when it’s cold outside. We have smart thermostats, remote car starters, and compact garage heaters. If you are sick of getting in and out of your car in the cold – even when you park inside a garage – then it’s time to think warm! Here are 5 reasons to get a garage heater installation this winter. 

They keep you (and your car) warmer

This is the obvious one. A garage heater means more warmth when you’re off to work or the grocery store on those zero-degree days. No need to warm up your car with the garage wide open; it will already be at a comfortable temperature for your driving pleasure! 

In addition, a warmer garage means any snow that may have accumulated on it while driving around will melt off and your car will also start much easier in the morning. It could also help preserve the battery life on your vehicle from being kept at a better temperature. 

Do you work on your car or other hobbies in the garage? Then getting a garage heater will help you continue using that space even when it’s sub-zero.

They are smaller than ever

As technology advances, the size of the garage heater unit takes up less space.

Keith Hill, technical support manager at Minnesota Air, says that there are several types of garage heaters that don’t use ductwork, and are much less clunky and discreet.

“Most fall into the ‘unit heater’ category. These are heaters that provide spot heat with no ductwork. Unlike furnaces, unit heaters are made to work in temperatures ranging from subzero to 70 degrees,” says Keith. “Furnaces will not work properly and will not last very long if used in a garage, plus furnaces require that some ductwork is installed. Unit heaters typically are heaters that suspend from the ceiling and blow the air directly downward or angled down to provide good mixing of temperature during operation.”

Another type of heater is an overhead tubular radiant heater. Keith says those use radiant energy to heat the garage, which provides a faster ‘felt’ heat. Just like a sunny day in the winter, the air temp may be cold, but the sun makes it feel warmer.

They are safer for your home

Those without garage heaters may need to warm up their car before driving. And because warming up your car without opening the garage door can trap dangerous carbon monoxide in your home, you won’t have to worry about that whole process if you have a heater installed.

“A conventional furnace should not be used to heat garages. Forced air furnaces require stable return air temperatures above 55 degrees for long term reliability and to maintain the factory warranty,” says Keith.

They are more affordable

You’ll see that with demand comes more supply and better prices. In our other article on understanding the benefits of heating your garage, we’ve explained that price range of garage heaters is all based on how big of a space you’re trying to heat, or how quickly you want that space heated.

They’re a way to get more use of an indoor space

If you’ve ever wanted to use your garage as a game room, woodworking shop, or even a place for the kids to skate and bike around in the winter, then a heater is the thing to buy to make it happen. Get use out of your whole home this winter and think about getting a garage heater installed.

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