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5 Tips for Staying Warm at Fall Sporting Events

How to Stay Warm at a Cold Weather Game

We love our fall sports in Minnesota. From high school to college to professional sports, we embrace the season and cheering on our favorite team. You may be sweating through the first few games, but you know you'll be bundling up way before Minnesota winter hits. What are some creative ways for staying warm during fall sports events?

Check the Forecast

Start by watching the Minnesota weather reports and plan accordingly. What is the chance of precipitation? How windy is it? Will it be sunny or cloudy, what's the temperature? Pay attention and then make your plans.

Dress for Success

You can make your time at that soccer, football or tennis match torture or enjoyable based on how well you plan for the occasion. Dress for the weather. If it’s going to be wet, have a rain poncho, rain boots or an umbrella on hand. If it’s supposed to be freezing, layer up and wear good SmartWool or other high quality socks and undergarments. It’s always easier to peel off layers than to not have enough.

Expect the Unexpected

As much as we’d like to think the weather forecast is accurate, things can change. So even if there is no rain in the forecast, have an umbrella nearby, bring a blanket to sit on, then wrap-up in if necessary. If possible, park in a convenient spot so you can make a mad dash to your car and watch the game in the warmth of your vehicle.

Head, Hands and Feet

Pack a hat and wear good footwear. Layer mittens with a thin-layer glove underneath. Use hand-warmers for those really cold days. Your extremities are the hardest to keep warm, so give them the most attention.

Feed the Heat

Start off your outdoor game with a full belly. Digestion tends to warm you from the inside out. Have a thermos of hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate, but avoid alcohol. Warm beverages on a cold day really do help you feel warmer and alcohol just tends to dull the sensations of being warm or cold, which can be dangerous.

If all else fails, have cash on hand to buy an extra sweatshirt as a momento of the day and to keep you warm. Moving around and getting your blood flowing can also help you feel warmer. If you plan ahead and dress accordingly, you should have a warm and comfortable day on the field, regardless if your team wins or loses. 


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