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9 Long-Term Benefits of Switching to an Energy Efficient Furnace

energy efficient furnaceBuying a new furnace is a major investment and it’s a decision you’ll live with for years to come. So, it pays to consider all your options. And there are a lot of them, with a correspondingly wide range of pricing options.

Not surprisingly, the higher efficiency units fall into the higher-end price range. But before you exclude those options based on upfront costs, take a look at what your long-term gains might be with a higher-end system.

Immediate and Long-term Benefits of an Energy Efficient Furnace

Today’s high-efficiency furnaces operate at up to 90% AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) compared to older systems that operate at around 65% efficiency. That’s an ongoing loss of 35% of your fuel usage! In addition to better use of your fuel dollar, an energy efficient furnace has plenty of other advantages:

  • Cost savings. The difference between 65% and 90% efficiency can literally save thousands in fuel costs. A furnace rated at 90% AFUE will typically reduce your energy bill by about 30%.
  • Greater indoor comfort. Due to advances like variable-speed technology, an energy efficient furnace will provide better balanced humidity and more even airflow throughout your home. That translates into greater comfort for you and your family.
  • Increased control. WiFi thermostats give you total control over your home’s heating and cooling — another feature that will save you money.
  • Cleaner indoor air. The improved airflow with the new systems means you’re getting better air filtering and cleaner indoor air. That’s especially important if anyone in your family has allergies or other respiratory concerns.
  • Quieter operation. The new furnace models are amazingly quiet — you’ll barely know it’s there.
  • Longer operating life. With proper maintenance, a high-efficiency system will typically last longer than a traditional furnace because of its reduced on-off cycling.
  • Environmental impact. Because you’re using less fuel, you’ll be helping the environment and helping conserve natural resources.
  • Increased home value. If you ever decide to sell, your high-efficiency furnace will add to your home’s resale value.
  • Peace of mind. The new systems are virtually maintenance free, leaving you worry-free while enjoying superior comfort.

A Range of Costs

The costs associated with installing an energy efficient furnace can vary a great deal, depending on your goals. If you’re just installing a new furnace with minor tweaks to your ductwork, then you’d be looking at a fairly modest cost of the unit itself and the installation, a range of about $3,000 - $10,000.

On the other end of the spectrum is what’s called a deep energy retrofit (DER) of your entire home. That process is a complete retrofit of your home to improve its energy performance (going green in the process). Depending on the size and current energy efficiency of the home, a DER can cost upwards of $50,000. That’s a pretty steep price, but it can also achieve up to 90% efficiency of the home, coupled with a 50% - 90% reduction in energy bills!

Of course, there’s pretty much everything in between those two extremes, and most home owners can seriously consider a high-efficiency furnace replacement that falls within their budget. Plus, there are often manufacturer’s rebates that you can take advantage of, like the Cool Cash rebates that Carrier is currently offering. There may also be dealer financing specials available.

You’ll definitely want to check out Carrier’s Infinity Greenspeed Intelligence system, which provides top efficiency, coupled with super-quiet performance and top home comfort.

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