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Smart Home Technology: Advantages of Carrier's Cor Automation

carrier's cor automationSmart Home Technology: It’s the latest advance in home security, protection, and safety. The market now offers a whole range of smart devices from doorbells to mattresses, home monitoring cameras to WiFi-connected refrigerators. They’re all part of the Internet of Things and they’re making lives easier and homes safer and more secure.

Popular Smart Home Features

There are many features that are part of today’s smart homes and more are being added practically every day. Here are some of the most common, ones that homeowners are finding most useful.

  • Security monitoring. Making sure your home is safe and secure is a priority for most families. With the option of indoor and outdoor cameras, a connected home makes it easy to monitor your home from anywhere you have an Internet connection. Smart doorbells make it convenient and safe to know who’s at your door—even when you’re not home. The ability to lock and unlock doors remotely is also a great convenience, as well as smart security measure.
  • Comfort control. With a WiFi thermostat, you can control and monitor your home’s temperature, set alerts, and even get energy reports. Many WiFi thermostats now come with humidity control, so you can monitor and control your home’s humidity levels remotely, as well.
  • Lighting. Both indoors and out, today’s smart home can automatically turn on and off your lighting. Or, you can control your home’s lighting remotely. Either way, you’re adding another level of safety and security to your home.
  • Fire and smoke alarms. WiFi-connected fire and smoke detectors can notify you instantly of any problems. Some systems can also detect flooding or other adverse home conditions.

Connecting with a Single App

In some instances, all of these features, and more, can be connected into one convenient app. That’s the case with Carrier’s Cor® Home Automation system. This sophisticated system integrates all of your smart home devices into a single smart phone app, and you don’t have to do it all at once. Once the automation system is installed by a contractor, you can enjoy its free app and online support. Many of the add-ons can be installed by the homeowner, except for the main panel and any security sensors, which must be done by the contractor.

Once you get started, you can add additional controls like a freeze sensor, water sensor, water shut-off, dimmer switches, and appliance controls (ready for fresh-brewed coffee by the time you get to the kitchen?). The system also pairs with trusted partners in home safety, like interlogix for home security and Kidde for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide monitoring. It’s a truly comprehensive system that’s backed by Carrier’s 110-plus-year reputation for excellence and reliability.

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