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10 Reasons to Love Cold Weather

Why Minnesotans Love the Cold

Maybe winter isn’t your favorite time of year, but there are a lot of great things about the change of seasons and...

Understanding Home Heating

How Your Body and Home Stay Warm

The human body remarkably has a way to keep its core temperature stable. Thermoregulation is the technical term...

Finding Air Leaks through Thermographic Inspection

What is Thermographic Inspection?

Some people opt to do a home inspection on their own. They check their windows and doors for air leaks, and the...

Leading Furnace Brands

Keep Warm with these Top Furnace Brands

We’ve all played the childhood game Musical Chairs, right? Where a group of peers keep changing chairs as...

10 Blogs to Answer All Furnace Questions

Minnesota Furnace Buying and Maintenance Guide

In case you weren't aware, here at Stay Comfy, Minnesota, we know a thing or two about how to keep...

Home Humidity and Health Effects

The Importance of Proper Home Humidity

Humidity. There is too much of it in the summer, and not enough in the winter. But did you know that your...

Gas Furnace Versus Oil Furnace – Which is Better for Your Home

Differences Between Gas and Oil Furnaces

With our long, cold Minnesota winters, furnaces are an essential part of our homes. Furnaces can be...

How to Winterize your Minnesota Home

Protect Your Home From Winter Wear and Tear

The time has come to tackle some home winterization projects. Although it’s not winter yet,...

The Importance of Changing your Furnace Filter

Change your Furnace Filter to Keep Air Quality Clean

It’s one of those things you know you should do; it’s easy and important. But for whatever...

How to Choose a New Furnace

How to Decide if a Carrier Furnace is Right For You 

Are you in the process of buying a new furnace? Just remember that whatever brand you choose,...

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