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Steps to Take When Shutting Down Your Furnace

 Furnace shutdown

It's been a long, cold winter and your furnace has come through the brutal temperatures like a champion. If you could hug the...

Best Way to Manage Home Temperatures in Changing Seasons

Maintaining comfort between seasons


It’s hard to imagine that one day, not too far down the road, we’ll be needing to kick on the air...

How Do You Remove Radon From Your Home?

High levels of radon increase cancer risk

Although radon is a natural occurring radioactive gas, it is nothing you want seeping into your home....

Choosing the Right Carrier Thermostat for You

Carrier Thermostats: Good, Better and Best

If you have a Carrier furnace, you probably want a thermostat that equals in quality. And being that...

The Ideal Thermostat Setting in a Home

Personal preference and tolerance guide thermostat settings

Find that Perfect Setting

Just returned from a friend’s home where they keep their...

How to Reduce Draft in your House

Air leaks cause drafts

Prevent air leaks in your home

If you feel chilly in your house - even with the heat turned up, chances are your home may...

How To Fix Dry Skin in the Winter Months

Combat winter's effects on your skin

The recent stretch of extreme cold has done a lot of damage – to our emotional well-being, our pocketbooks...

What is the Proper Level of Home Humidity?

Too much, too little humidity in your home

Let’s face it, it’s hard to manage humidity levels in the home during the cold winter months. It seems...

Understand the Benefits of Heating Your Garage

The garage is an extension of a home, and although most of us use them simply for storage or to park our cars, there is a growing trend to heat...

Good, Better and Best Options When Buying a Furnace

Good, Better, Best furnaces to buy

So many brands, so many contractors, so many options to consider. Let's face it, it's not like we buy a new...

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