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Best In Minnesota: Air Quality Experts To Hire Today


Improving air quality in your home takes work – especially at first. Most of the time, it is not as simple as opening a window to drastically improve and clean your indoor air, particularly in Minnesota, where we often need to keep our homes sealed up from the elements. That’s why most of us need a professional on our side to show us the way and help us improve IAQ (indoor air quality). Here are some things to consider when you’re looking to hire an air quality expert.

Research Reputable HVAC Companies

In order to find an expert in air quality, look to the experts in HVACs. Keith Hill, Minnesota Air’s technical support manager, says that all reputable HVAC companies have a pretty good knowledge base in the area of IAQ.

“It’s inherent to the business – filters, humidifiers, air cleaners are all part of the HVAC world,” he says. “Some specialize more than others in IAQ and offer services such as testing for radon or mold.”

Certain companies may have specific people who deal with combating mold on a daily basis. Those are the people to hire if you have a mold issue. Other homeowners may have tested high for radon, that’s when you need to find a company that installs radon abatement systems. Get referrals, read reviews and make the hire.

Know Or Learn About What You Need 

Do you find yourself getting frequent colds? Are you coughing, sneezing, or wheezing from outdoor allergies even when you are inside your home? Does your home smell stale, and do you find yourself grabbing for air fresheners to cover up odors? 

Those can all be signs that the ventilation can be improved in your home and an expert can help you figure out a solution. Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs), air cleaners, UV lamps, and upgraded filters can all help your home’s IAQ with long term solutions – not just a temporary Band-Aid. Remember that there is no substitute for fresh air.

Ask Questions

Keith says that like anything else, do your homework on the topic and ask your HVAC dealer questions.

“Don’t be shy about discussing any health concerns you or your family may have,” he says.

If it’s something that can save your health, don’t hesitate asking for advice, ideas, and solutions. If you’re looking for an air quality professional near you, check out our website at, and one of our technicians would love to make your home safer and one of the best in IAQ in Minnesota.

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