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Why Spring is the Best Time to Call Your Air Conditioning Experts

air conditioning expertsIt’s spring! Flowers are blooming, grass is growing, birds are chirping, and prices may never be lower on everything HVAC. Whether your current unit needs maintenance or you need a new unit altogether, spring is one of the best times to call your air conditioning experts. That’s because the HVAC industry tends to be slower in the spring, and deals are everywhere.

Have Your HVAC System Inspected

An annual inspection and maintenance of both your air conditioner and furnace can save you a bundle. Don’t wait for something to go wrong—in the heat of summer or the deep-freeze of winter. Have your HVAC pro stop by to take a look at your system. You’ll find scheduling is easier and quicker during the spring, and you’ll be fully prepared for the summer months ahead.

Spring Specials

Because the industry slows down during the spring, installers, dealers, and manufacturers frequently offer discounts, specials, and rebates. Just one example is Carrier’s spring rebates for air conditioners: up to $450! Now that’s serious savings. Even if your system has been running just fine, an upgrade to a more efficient system could save you money in the long run. 

Don’t forget to check out your local utility company’s web page, too. They may offer energy-efficient specials or rebates. In the Twin Cities area, Xcel Energy currently has a rebate offer of up to $450 for eligible air conditioners. Combine that with Carrier’s special and you’re at nearly $1,000 savings. Imagine what you can do with that extra cash. Be sure to check out these local dealers to see what other savings you might find this spring.

Make DIY Maintenance a Spring Habit

There are plenty of things around the house that need attention in the spring: garden, lawn, window-cleaning, you name it, there’s a lot to do. But it’s not a lot to add DIY spring furnace and air conditioner maintenance to the list. A simple inspection of your furnace and air conditioner will take just minutes. Replacing your filters is a snap, too. Be sure to add filters to your shopping list so you have a couple extra on hand to keep your system in tip-top shape.

Your Family’s Health

Cash savings are great, but so is having the peace of mind that your family will enjoy the summer months in reliable comfort. And while you’re talking to your AC pros, consider looking at upgrading your current HVAC system with an air cleaner. Adding one to your system will ensure the cleanest, freshest air for your family. And if anyone in your family has spring allergies, an air purifier can go a long, long way to help alleviate their symptoms.

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