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What Features and Devices Can I Sync with Cor Home Automation?

cor home automationThe “smart home” is the trending standard for homeowners. It seems everywhere you turn there’s a new device, a new company, a new “best of” for home protection, connection, and safety. As with so many trends, not every device or company is created equal. Before you invest in the latest “must have” device, take a look at what Carrier’s Cor® Home Automation has to offer. It may be the only product you need to raise the IQ of your home.

A Fully Integrated System

With all the options now available for connecting your home, it’s easy to end up with a mishmash of apps and devices. With Cor® Home Automation, you can have all your connected devices integrated into one convenient system. The basics of the system are the Cor® Hub and Mobile App.

  • The Cor® Hub is your in-home control center. Every connected device runs through the Hub, so you can program whatever you need to from a central location. The Hub is portable and can be placed anywhere in your home that has WiFi access — even a closet. If you rearrange things, you can move the Hub to a new location easily and quickly.
  • The Cor® App gives you mobile control over the whole system. It’s like having your entire house in your pocket or purse. The app lets you set notifications so you can get messages if anything needs your attention. It lets you set schedules for adjusting things like your home’s thermostat, lighting, and security monitoring. You can also monitor live video, lock or unlock doors, and adjust other devices all while miles from home. 

Connecting Devices

From the basics to full home control, you can connect almost any device imaginable to the system. You can begin with a starter kit and add devices and features over time, including:

  • WiFi Thermostat
  • Security system control: arming and disarming your alarm
  • Lighting control, including on/off and dimming options
  • Appliance on/off controls
  • Door locks
  • Water leak sensor
  • Water shut-off
  • Freeze sensor (if your temp falls below 41° F)

The system can also pair with trusted partners in home safety, like Interlogix for home security and Kidde for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide monitoring.

A System Built for the Future

As more and more devices become part of the Internet of Things, you need a system that’s ready to grow and add features that haven’t even been invented yet. The Cor® system can do that. It’s specifically designed to accommodate add-on equipment and features as you need them. And with automated upgrades, you’ll never have to worry about your software getting out of date. The Cor® system is fully customizable, expandable, and future-proof.

Carrier’s Reputation

Carrier has been around for over 100 years and has been the leading innovator in HVAC for that entire time. It’s a company whose reputation you can rely on for excellence, reliability, and service. For a reputable dealer near you, use our convenient dealer locator.

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