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Using A Carrier Infinity Control In The Summer Heat

AdobeStock_88671011.jpegFeeling that hot, sweltering, summer sun upon our faces may be nice for a day at the beach, but in our homes, we want to feel comfortable. That’s why Carrier designed its Infinity Control series to give you the most powerful control in home comfort yet! Here are some of the Carrier Infinity® Control Thermostat's features that can help you beat the heat.

Better Temperature And Humidity Controls

With so many features, the Carrier Infinity Control System makes you more comfortable in hot weather than a traditional thermostat. “Ideal temperature and ideal humidity are the two big features of the control,” says Keith Hill, technical support manager at Minnesota Air. “Most thermostats provide temperature control to within a degree or so of the set point. The Carrier Infinity Control Thermostat maintains precise control to within fractions of a degree. “

In fact, if you integrate it with the whole Infinity line of products, it’s accurate to 1/6th of a degree. This is because the thermostat works by running in stages or modulating, depending on the air conditioner you have, so that it only uses as much energy as needed to maintain precise temperatures. Older thermostats will tell your AC to constantly run until it cools down to the desired temperature and then it turns off. Unfortunately, your home could still have too much humidity in it when it turns off, and that will still leave you clammy and uncomfortable.

Efficient And Simplified

In addition, the older models will turn on anytime your home isn’t at your ideal set temperature – that means constant turning on and off of your air conditioner, which just isn’t efficient. The Infinity Control system works by providing you a consistent comfort when running.

“The longer run times while at reduced capacity provide better dehumidification,” says Keith. “And if you want an even drier home in the summer, you can program the control to drive the humidity even lower by changing the fan speed or extending the run time further. It all operates automatically based on how you program the control.”

That means more money in your pocket, because you won’t be playing the on/off game with your home’s comfort. Plus, you can program it for different times of day, days of the week when you aren’t there, and you can even opt to get the Infinity Control with remote access so you can get to the system from the internet if your schedule changes when you are away.

Can Sense When You Need A Filter Change

Finally, did we mention how smart this thermostat is? In addition to keeping you cool and comfortable, this little control center for your HVAC system also has a feature called “True Sense.” This is an airflow test that is performed by the furnace and thermostat on a daily basis and can help detect a dirty filter.

“The feedback provides information to the homeowner about how dirty the filter is (shown on the thermostat), but more importantly, the feedback to the main system control will adjust the airflow up or down to compensate for the filter getting dirtier and any other change in the duct system,” says Keith.

That means airflow will be exactly where it needs to be to keep your HVAC running smoothly until you can change the filter. “The Infinity Control on a modulating system is truly the very best for cooling and dehumidifying a home,” says Keith.

The Infinity® System combines Carrier's best products into a complete residential comfort system. By combining Carrier's variable speed furnaces or fan coil, a Carrier outdoor unit, and the Carrier Infinity Control Thermostat, you get maximized comfort, energy savings, and peace of mind.

Other features include:

  • Easy timed-override schedule
  • Simplified vacation schedules
  • Day-at-a-glance programming for simplified ease of use
  • Programmable fan by period
  • Indoor air quality pop-up reminders
  • General maintenance reminder messaging, including easy-to-read “usage” for filter, humidifier pad, UV light
  • Optional remote access - for access to your system from the internet

If you don’t have a Carrier system, there is most definitely a quality thermostat that’ll work for you and your furnace. Consult your local qualified HVAC dealer to determine the right thermostat for your home!

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