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Should You Invest in an Electronic Air Cleaner?

electronic air cleanerIf you’re looking to improve the quality and freshness of your indoor air, an electronic air cleaner (EAC) may be your answer. An EAC is a sophisticated air filtering device that is installed as part of your HVAC system. It uses electricity to attract particles and causes them to “cling” in a way that’s similar to static cling on your clothes — although in a much more powerful way.

How an EAC Works

Standard filters work by impingement or straining. Big particles in the air simply can’t fit through smaller openings. This limits the size of particle that can be filtered, of course, based on the size of the filter openings. Impingement filters can only catch larger particles.  

But an EAC operates through a transformer, with power applied to the air stream, creating a positive charge to particles. On the receiving end, the collecting plates or the negatively charged media capture the particles like a super-powered “static cling.”  

Making Your Home Cleaner and Fresher

Because an EAC traps particles using electricity rather than a physical strainer, it can trap particles of almost any size — even microscopic particles, including viruses and bacteria! An EAC is also capable of capturing mold spores and tobacco smoke, as well as larger particles like pollen, pet dander, and household dust. With this broad range of filtering capability, an EAC can provide your home with the cleanest air possible.

Impacting Your Family’s Health

Since an EAC can capture even the tiniest particles, installing one can have a positive impact on your family’s health. This is especially true if anyone in your household has allergies or environmental sensitivities, or if there’s a smoker in the home. Even if you’re only looking to reduce things like pet dander or cooking smells, an EAC may well be the way to go.

EACs Are Simple to Maintain

Once installed, EACs are very easy to maintain. There are two ways an EAC collects particles. The first uses disposable filters that do all the collecting and that you simply replace about every six months. The other type uses “collector cells” that you remove and clean in a laundry tub or pop into your dishwasher.

A Great Buy

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive way to create fresh, clean air in your home, an EAC is the way to go. It will provide the very best in air filtration, but won’t break the bank to buy or maintain. Stay Comfy recommends the Carrier Infinity Series Air Purifier as the “best of the best.”

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