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Why Carrier Air Conditioners Are Worth the Investment this Spring

Carrier Air ConditionersWith spring almost here and summer not far behind, homeowners are beginning to think about installing a new or replacement AC system. And while there are many choices out on the market today, Stay Comfy always turns to Carrier air conditioners. Carrier’s reputation, reliability, and quality combine to make their units pretty much the best investment you can make in air conditioning. So if you’re in the market for a new AC, be sure to check out what Carrier has to offer.

Carrier’s Reputation

Carrier has been in business for over 100 years and literally invented air conditioning. It all started with Willis Haviland Carrier, a research engineer with Buffalo Forge Company. One of their biggest customers was a printing firm with a humidity problem that was negatively affecting their production line. Carrier was given the task of investigating and addressing the problem. The cooling design he came up with was nothing less than revolutionary. Legend has it that Carrier came up with the idea while standing on a foggy train platform. That insight led to Carrier’s invention and eventually to the founding of Carrier’s own company in 1915. Since then Carrier has come to be known as one of the most trusted names in HVAC systems worldwide.

Carrier’s Air Conditioning Lines

Carrier quality is recognized worldwide and not just for home heating and cooling. Carrier has provided systems for landmarks around the world, including The Great Library of Alexandria, the Uffizi Gallery, and even the Sistine Chapel. You can take advantage of that same quality in your home AC system with a unit from one of Carrier’s three lines.

The Comfort Series

The Comfort Series is Carrier’s most economical. The series’ seven models all feature top reliability and efficiency. With SEER efficiency ratings of up to 16, they’re sure to help save on utility bills. Plus they have super quiet operation for total home comfort.

The Performance Series

The five air conditioners in the Performance Series are reliable, energy efficient, and quiet ways to cool your home—regardless of their size. One of the Performance models is a compact-sized unit, specially designed for tighter installations. The series features SEER ratings up to 17 for top efficiency. And all the Performance air conditioners run as quietly as a household dishwasher.

The Infinity Series

Carrier’s top-of-the-line Infinity Series features two air conditioners that are built for total home comfort. With SEER ratings of 19 and 21 respectively, these units will help cut your energy bills. They combine Carrier’s innovative Infinity® control to provide the ultimate in comfort, and are the quietest units available.

Spring is a Great Time to Buy

If you’re thinking of a new AC system, spring is a great time to make the investment. Right now, Carrier is offering some terrific rebates, which can save you hundreds. Plus, local dealers often have installation specials in the spring. Buy now and you’ll be all prepared for the summer months ahead—and for years to come.

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