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6 Things to Buy for Home Automation

Home AutomationHome automation is becoming more popular every day, with more and more products and choices available for homeowners. Of course, more choices means more research to make sure you’re getting the best products to meet your needs. How do you know you’re getting a quality product? Will it be compatible with your other devices? Is it easy to install and use? Will it support future products and upgrades? The questions are endless.

So, we’ve put together a list of the top six home automation devices and some things to consider when investing in them.

  1. Home Security. Keeping your family and home safe and secure is a top priority, so it’s important to choose a reliable alarm system. Remember, not all systems are created equal. Be sure to know if there’s 24/7 monitoring and what actions the company takes if an alarm sounds. Installation and monitoring costs can vary widely, so it’s a good idea to get quotes ahead of any buying decisions.

  2. Home Monitoring. In addition to alarm monitoring, many homeowners like the safety and convenience of indoor and outdoor cameras they can monitor themselves. There are dozens of options on the market. Before choosing one, check out compatibility with your other devices, especially your smartphone.

  3. Fire, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Detection. In the past, these devices have mostly been stand-alone, with some fire detection services bundled with home security. Now, however, WiFi-connected devices can alert you instantly of any problems. Watch for reliability and reputation for these devices.

  4. Video Door Bells. You’ve seen the commercials, and there are lots of them. Check out the price vs. features. For example, what’s the field of view, video resolution, and compatibility with virtual assistants?

  5. Remote Door Locks. There’s a wide range of choices here, too. Some remote locks are simply opened by remote control. Others are WiFi-enabled or integrated with a virtual assistant. Balance security with convenience when looking at your options.

  6. Smart Thermostat. Choices here can save on energy costs while providing superior home comfort. You’ll definitely need to check compatibility with your HVAC system as some of these devices only work with certain furnaces or air conditioners.

One Platform to Control it All

A home can't be smart without a brain to control it. Instead of having multiple products and systems controlled by separate devices, you control everything through one platform.

Carrier’s Cor Home Automation system, for example, provides everything you need to control lighting, HVAC, door locks, monitoring, security and more. In addition to its benefits for your home, Cor is/has:

  • Completely Self-Monitored. Once Cor is set up, you can take complete charge of your home monitoring. There are no contracts or monthly fees. If you decide you want professional monitoring, Cor is compatible with most services and can be added at any time.
  • Integrated with Trusted Partners. Cor partners with leaders in home security and safety, like interlogix for home security and Kidde for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide monitoring.
  • Comprehensive Components. In addition to the six features listed, Cor offers some devices you’re not likely to find elsewhere. Like water sensors that can detect leaks and automatic shut-off valves to stop them; freeze sensors to avoid frozen pipes; wall outlets that let you power on and off individual appliances; even a personal panic button.
  • Flexible. While the Cor system is comprehensive, you don’t have to do everything at once. You can start with basic home security and monitoring, for example. Then add other features as you need them or as you’re ready to upgrade.

Whether you’re just starting your home automation project or you’re ready to add to or upgrade what you already have, take the time to check out the Cor system. It may be the only home automation you’ll ever need.

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