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Home Comfort: A Guide to Finding The Perfect Home Temperature

home comfortOne day it’s 90° F by early morning, the next day the high is 65°. Yep, it must be the change of seasons in Minnesota. These kinds of temperature swings are standard for Minnesota and the upper Midwest, and we’re all used to it — no matter how much we complain. But that doesn’t make it any easier to find the perfect indoor home temperature. Here are a few tips for regulating your home’s temperature to provide some home comfort for your family.

What’s Your Perfect Temp?

If yours is like most families, the answer to that question can vary widely. So for many, it’s not just a matter of setting one temperature and satisfying everyone. It’s about setting a happy medium so everyone can feel comfortable. One approach is to take a family survey and average out the various temps everyone aims for. Start there and adjust as needed. Or, you can start with what the pros recommend.

Recommended Thermostat Settings

For spring and summer settings, many HVAC pros recommend setting your system at 78° F when you’re home. If you expect to be gone four or more hours, consider raising that to 88°. Some experts estimate that you can save as much as six to eight percent off your energy bill for every degree higher than 78° that you set your system.

In the fall and winter, setting your thermostat at 68° while you’re at home is what many experts recommend. That temperature will keep a good balance between comfort and energy savings. And of course, you can set it lower when you’re away or at night.

Then again, all this setting and re-setting can get a little tiresome—and it can add to family “thermostat wars.” But there are other options.

Install a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

You can end the constant setting and re-setting of your thermostat by installing one that’s programmable. No more waiting for the house to warm up or cool down after you get back home. You can time your programs to match your schedule. And with an Internet-connected thermostat—a smart thermostat—you can adjust the programming from anywhere you have an Internet connection. It’s easy and economical. And it could forever end family disputes about the perfect temps.

If it’s time to replace your old, manual thermostat, check out our 2017 Guide to Choosing the Best WiFi Thermostat.

Zone Control

If you have rooms or areas of your home that you rarely or never use, or your home has consistently “hot” or “cold” spots, you may be an ideal candidate for zone control. More homeowners are retrofitting their homes to have better temperature control in those hard-to-heat-and-cool areas or to compensate for rooms that just aren’t being used. Zone control uses separate thermostats for each zone so you can control different temperatures throughout your home. Contact your HVAC professional to learn more. Need to find one in your area? Use our handy dealer locator.

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