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Home Energy: How To Cut Costs During The Summer


You don’t have to “go green” on everything to save a little green on your energy bills this summer. Here are our home energy tips on how to cut costs while you’re running the air conditioner this season. 

Get An Air Conditioner Check Up

This is an easy one – you make the maintenance call and someone else does all the work. To keep your AC working the best it can, you need to keep it in peak operating condition, says Keith Hill, technical support manager at Minnesota Air.

That means, “cleaned, well maintained, and with clean indoor air filters,” he says.

It’s a minimal fee for the maintenance which can pay off in fewer repair fees down the line. 

Air Dry When Possible 

Another simple idea that can really save money on electricity and cut down on the extra heat entering your home’s atmosphere is air drying. The U.S. Department of Energy lists air drying clothes and dishes (instead of using the drying cycle) as one of the easiest no-cost ways to save. 

Be Smart About Opening Windows And Doors

Cracking open a window may seem like the logical way to save money on summer cooling costs, but it can actually do just the opposite.

“Do not open windows for free cooling unless it’s cool and dry outside,” says Keith. “It takes a lot more energy to remove humidity than it does to cool the air.  Once you have your home dehumidified, don’t open up and let all that moisture back in. Your pocketbook will thank you.”

The Department of Energy also says that during the summer, it’s a good idea to keep the window coverings closed during the day to block the sun's heat. 

Take Shorter Showers

Lastly, warm air and moisture are added to your home’s air every time you take a warm shower. That’s warm air and humidity that your AC is working hard to remove and cool down. Give your air conditioner a break and take cooler and shorter showers. For added savings, the Department of Energy suggests lowering the thermostat on your water heater to 120 degrees and installing low-flow shower heads.

For more tips on maintaining your air conditioning unit, click here, and always make sure to talk to an HVAC professional, like the experts at, to find out more ways to make your home efficient.

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