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How to Buy a Furnace: What You Need to Know to Make a Smart Purchase

How to Buy a Furnace: What You Need to Know to Make a Smart PurchaseWhen it comes time for you to look for a new furnace, you’ll want to be armed with the right tools. Doing your homework, understanding what you get for your money, and learning about the incentives, warranties, and the installation process will help you make the best choice. If you’re wondering how to buy a furnace, here’s our plan of attack when it comes to making a smart furnace purchase.

Do Your Research

It can’t be said enough: knowledge is power. If you learn about something you’re guaranteed to make smarter choices regarding whatever it is you learn about. That’s no different with the purchases we make. 

If you are in the market for a new furnace, understand your options. Do you want a system that uses gas, electric, or oil heating? Do you want a standard or high-efficiency unit? Do you want a split system or a packaged system?

You’ll also want to learn about the other options that can make you more comfortable – like zone heating where different areas of your home are controlled by separate thermostats, so you only heat the area you are using.

And you can get units that have add-on options, like humidifiers, air cleaners, and UV lamps to make sure the warm air you are pushing through your home is the cleanest and highest quality. 

Keith Hill, technical support manager at Minnesota Air, adds that the heating cycles of different furnaces can make a difference in your comfort.

“Once you experience the longer heating cycles that a multistage or modulating furnace provides, you will understand the improvement in both temperature comfort and quiet comfort (lower noise levels),” he says. “New high-efficiency motors also help on two fronts, quiet comfort and lower electric bills.”   

This system should stay in your home for the next 15-20 years, so learn about it before you buy it.

Understand What You Are Getting For Your Money

After you’ve done your research, learn about what you’ll get for your money, and pick your priorities according to what fits your budget. 

Does your new system come with a good warranty? Most top-rated furnaces and furnace brands come with a better warranty compared to the basic models on the market.

“Warranties are important, so get the details before you buy,” says Keith. “Understand what is covered and for how long. Keep in mind that parts may be covered but the labor is separate. Get the details.” 

Consumer Reports recommends checking which brands of furnaces are the most and least reliable by looking at the frequency of repair report from the Consumer Reports National Research Center.

Furthermore, sometimes companies offer incentives for making a purchase with them. Those incentives may come in the form of a longer warranty, rebates for buying higher efficiency heating equipment, discounts on add-on options, or promotions on installations. 

And remember, for HVACs bigger is not always better. You should have a properly sized system for your home or your home will never be heated properly.

Know Who You’re Buying From 

Finally, when you pick the furnace and the brand you want, choose a company that has a good reputation to buy it from. Since the company you choose will likely be the company doing the installation and repair work in the future make sure they are a quality company.

Keith says to ask yourself, “How long have they been in business? Will they be there when you need them? Are they well trained?” The answers to those questions can help you avoid an inferior company and feel like you’ve really made a smarter furnace purchase.



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