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How to Turn Off Your Furnace for the Season

Get Ready For Spring in Three Simple Steps

 As winter winds down and we prepare for all the warmth and household tasks that come with spring, we want to make sure you’re not left in the cold when it comes to knowing how to shut down your furnace for the season. Before you can enjoy those birds chirping and time grilling outside, let’s prepare our home for comfort and our HVAC for longevity! You can get ready for spring in three simple steps.Get ready for spring

Schedule An Inspection

An inspector can check your entire HVAC system – furnace, air conditioning, and ventilation system – and help you identify problems now so you aren’t left with more expensive issues down the road. A small fix in the spring when you aren’t using your furnace or AC is much easier to deal with, than in the winter when your home could be stuck without heat.

“As winter tapers off -- and it’s still a month or two before the cooling season begins -- most HVAC companies have extra time on their hands. Why not take advantage of that and schedule a furnace check-up,” says Keith Hill, manager, technical support, from Minnesota Air. “You may get off-season discounts, particularly if you are flexible with your schedule.

Check The Basics Of Furnace Care

Once you have scheduled the inspection with an HVAC technician, its time to focus on basic furnace care. You or your HVAC technician should change the filter and clean the drain line (if your furnace has one). Remember this is the maintenance you NEED to do to keep it in good working order, so that means changing your filter every few months in the summer, even if you don’t think it looks dirty.

“Also, if you are willing to take off panels and inspect inside, now’s the time,” says Keith.

Prepare Your AC

Once your furnace is checked out and off your to-do list, it’s time to get your air conditioning unit ready to run.

“Clean the AC outdoor unit and get it ready for the season,” says Keith. “Give it a good look over now so if you spot a problem, you have plenty of time to take care of it before the hot weather hits.”

Keith suggests running your AC on the first warm day in May – anything above 70 degrees.

“Let it run for at least a half-hour and make sure it works,” he says. “It may seem silly to run the air conditioner in May, but if you wait like most people do and it turns out you have a problem, then you’ll be one of many trying to get a technician on that first sauna-like day in June – having to suffer for a few days while waiting or possibly paying after-hours or weekend prices for immediate help.”

You’ll never have to worry if your HVAC is in good working order by following the steps above and the Boy Scout rule – always be prepared. You can test both the heating and cooling by running your system before the beginning of the season to avoid the discomfort and expense of a broken system when you need it the most.



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