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5 Things to Ask During Your HVAC Inspection

Things to Ask During Your HVAC InspectionThe leaves are falling, the fireplace is roaring, and the heat will soon be on. It’s that time of year to schedule an HVAC inspection. Once you’ve picked the best company to hire, how can you make the most of your time with the HVAC professional? By asking questions of course! You’ll want to review everything the HVAC pro will be doing before they show up (cleaning coils, oiling motors, cleaning drains, etc.), but here are 5 questions that may be helpful to ask during your next HVAC inspection.

1. How Often Should I Change My Filter?

This is a great question to know and ask because your filter keeps your HVAC running better for longer and your home healthier. You may have a filter that can be cleaned vs. one that needs to be replaced. You may have a filter that needs to be changed every few months or one that doesn’t need to be switched out as much. Filter types change depending on your HVAC system so it’s a great question to ask a professional while they are in your home.

2. What Can I Do To Improve Energy Efficiency/Energy Bills?

Another smart query if you are experiencing higher energy bills and want to cut down on energy usage. Keith Hill, the technical support manager at Minnesota Air, suggests asking about possible adjustments or improvements that can be made to your system. “If you have hot or cold rooms, the tech may have some suggestions,” he says.

They may even suggest getting an energy audit to see if there are areas in your home that are prone to escaping and infiltrating air.

3. Is There Anything I Can Help Clean Or Maintain In Between Inspections?

This one may seem like a tough one to ask because you are asking a pro to walk you through doing a part of their job. But if you ask in advance and perhaps pay more to your service fee, many companies will be happy to show you how to clean coils (if you feel comfortable doing it) or maintain a cleaner system between inspections. It could save you money and give you more knowledge about your system.

4. Can You Do A Combustion Analysis?

Keith says a good furnace inspection should include a combustion efficiency test and a safety test. This is really a question to ask the company you hire beforehand, but if it slipped your mind, then make sure it’s done. A combustion analysis looks at readings for carbon monoxide, flue gas temperature, carbon dioxide or oxygen, and percentage combustion efficiency. Keith says the tech should be able to explain all of the readings and what that means for your system.

5. Is There Anything We Can Do To Improve Indoor Air Quality?

The indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home is very important to your health and your home’s health. It’s wise to ask about anything you can do to improve the IAQ in your home or any products that may help your family breathe easier, especially if you suffer from allergies.
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