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HVAC Manufacturers: Who Will Give You The Best Bang For Your Buck

HVAC ManufacturersThere are a lot of good, reliable HVAC manufacturers out there, but at Stay Comfy we rely on our proven favorite: Carrier. Why? Here are the reasons we're so confident in Carrier's reputation, quality, and products.

Carrier’s Reputation

Carrier has been in business since 1902. It began with Willis Haviland Carrier, who designed the first modern air conditioning system. Carrier was a research engineer who was charged with solving a serious production problem for a prominent printing firm. The problem was humidity, which had negative effects on inks and paper, resulting in poor quality, costly waste, and disgruntled customers. Carrier’s design was innovative and addressed for the first time how to lower humidity by cooling. That success was the beginning of Carrier, a company that’s been a trusted, world leader in HVAC for over a century.

Carrier Quality

Carrier is committed to quality — quality that is recognized worldwide, and not just for home heating and cooling. Carrier has provided systems for landmarks around the world, including The Great Library of Alexandria, the Uffizi Gallery, and even the Sistine Chapel.

Carrier’s Home HVAC Product Lines

For both gas furnaces and air conditioners, Carrier offers three product lines to meet any home’s HVAC needs, while matching homeowners’ budget considerations:

The Comfort Series

Efficient and budget-friendly is what the Comfort series is all about. Comfort series furnaces are up to 90+% AFUE rated for high efficiency and low energy bills. The Comfort series air conditioners have SEER efficiency ratings of up to 16. Plus they have super quiet operation for total home comfort.

The Performance Series

The Performance series is Carrier’s midline of gas furnaces. With AFUE ratings ranging from 80% (ideal for warmer climates) up to 96+% for northern winters, these furnaces are not only efficient, they’re durable and quiet, as well. Even with features like a variable-speed blower and longer run cycles, they’re still easy on a budget.

The air conditioners in the Performance series are a reliable, energy efficient, and quiet way to cool your home — regardless of size. The Performance series includes a compact sized unit for tighter installations and all the Performance air conditioners run as quietly as a dishwasher.

The Infinity Series

Carrier’s top of the line gas furnaces are found in the Infinity series. These units feature up to 96% AFUE ratings, and longer, low-stage run times. All of which result in better energy efficiency, better temperature control, and increased comfort. And if you’re ready for the ultimate in heating efficiency, comfort, and performance, you’ll want to check out the Infinity Series Gas Furnace With Greenspeed™ Intelligence.

The Infinity Series air conditioners are built for total home comfort and are the quietest units available. Plus, they offer a SEER rating of up to 21 — and it doesn’t get much better than that.

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