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How HVAC Zone Control Provides Ultimate At-Home Comfort

hvac zone controlKeeping your home at just the right temperature during the summer can sometimes be a challenge. Especially when outside temperatures vary a lot, you can experience uneven temperatures throughout your home. It’s not uncommon, for example to have a cooler basement but warmer upstairs. Or for some homes, additions or rooms that have more or less insulation can have temperatures that vary significantly from other parts of the home. If any of that sounds familiar, you’ll want to know more about zone cooling and heating.

Zone Control Basics

Very simply, HVAC zone control is the ability to set different temperatures for different rooms—or zones—in your home. The way it works is that special dampers are installed in your ductwork that can direct airflow—heating or cooling—to pre-defined areas of your home. No more pumping cool air into rooms that don’t need it. Or heating rooms you rarely use.

While new home construction is more likely to have zone control, existing homes can be retrofitted to add zones. The most common method is to install the necessary dampers in the existing ductwork. In some cases, the ductwork may need modifications, as well. So if you’re considering retrofitting for zone control, you’ll definitely want to talk with your HVAC pro about what would be needed for your home.

With the ductwork question answered, you’ll also need to add thermostats for each zone and a master control panel. One of the best is Carrier’s Performance Comfortzone series.

Ductless Options

Another option for managing heating and cooling is to look into a ductless system. Not technically considered zone heating and cooling, a ductless system can nevertheless provide supplemental heating or cooling for a single room or area of your home. These units have an outside compressor that services wall units installed indoors. These are often installed at the top of a wall and the new models are very discreet, blending in with almost any décor. Carrier has a number of units to choose from.

Benefits of Zone Control

All in all, zone control will reduce uneven heating or cooling in your home and provide you and your family with welcome comfort any time of the year. And because you’re no longer heating or cooling areas that don’t need it, you’ll be saving on energy costs. So for convenience, comfort, and cost savings, zone control can be a great investment.

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