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Free Money: How to Find New Furnace Rebates and Finance Options

furnace rebatesYou need a furnace that will reliably keep you comfy in summer and winter. One that operates efficiently. But buying a new furnace is a big expense, so how can you keep your budget comfy, too? With free money! There are ways to reduce the initial cost or spread it out over time using new furnace rebates and financing options.

Where can you uncover these great deals?

Save Money Up Front

Purchase a qualifying unit, and you can get money back right away from the manufacturer. You may be able to deduct that amount from the cost of the furnace, or you may receive a check in the mail afterward. Either way, cash back can get you into that all-important new furnace more comfortably.

Gas and electric utilities around the state also offer a variety of new furnace rebates and other incentives to encourage you to buy an energy-efficient furnace. Check out what your utility has to offer.

Make Budget-Friendly Payments

Not everyone can afford to pay the entire cost of a new furnace up front. So, some manufacturers work with lenders to offer good deals to their customers who need more flexibility. You can find competitive interest rates and a monthly payment that feels comfortable for you.

You may also consider a lease-to-own option. Depending on the program, you can spread payments out as long as 60 months, after which you will own the furnace. Lease-to-own is a helpful option if you have less-than-stellar credit and may not qualify for a traditional loan.

Minnesota’s Center for Energy and Environment (CCE) also offers low interest home improvement loans for projects such as purchasing a new furnace. However, the program is available only in certain cities and neighborhoods, so you will have to check if you are eligible.

Save Even More Money Long-Term

Heating and cooling are responsible for about half of your home’s energy usage, so efficiency counts. In addition to saving money or finding ways to make the initial cost more affordable, you’ll rest even easier knowing you’re spending the least amount possible to operate your new furnace.

If you’ve been shopping for a new furnace, you’ve probably seen the bright yellow ENERGY STAR sticker. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program certifies appliances and building materials that meet certain efficiency standards including gas furnaces. The EPA says a certified furnace can reduce your energy costs by about 15% a year.

The federal government also offers tax credits for energy-efficient gas, propane, or oil furnaces. The current credit is $150.

Carrier offers a variety of options for buyers including financing, lease-to-own options, and new furnace rebates that kick in September 1. You can learn the details here. But first you need to select the furnace that is just right for your home and family. We can help.

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