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Questions You Need to Ask About Your Potential HVAC Manufacturers

Questions You Need to Ask About Your Potential HVAC ManufacturersWhen you are on the verge of making a big purchase, you research the different brands, makes, models, features and price points. From cars to computers and telephones to TVs — marketing is a big reason why you have heard of and purchase many brands (Apple iPhone anyone?), but quality is the true test of a brand’s longevity. This also applies to one of the biggest purchases you may make for your home – a new HVAC system. There are brands that lead the way in the industry, but to sort through them all you need to ask a few question about your potential HVAC manufacturer before you pick.

Is it a brand you can trust?

Trusting a brand comes down to reliability, longevity, and quality. You want to make sure the HVAC manufacturer that you pick has a long reputation in the business. You want to make sure the manufacturer has a standing history of quality products that are well-made and tested to keep running. After all, your HVAC system should last for 15-25 years, according to the This Old House website. You don’t want to spend money on a system that won’t run efficiently after a few years.

Does this product come with a good warranty?

Another important question to ask about HVAC manufacturers is how long they guarantee their product for. Months? Years? Lifetime? And check to see what the warranty covers. Will they come out and fix it for free as well as replace the broken part for free? Do you need to get regular maintenance checks from a certified dealer in order for your warranty to be valid? It’s important to check with each manufacturer as well as each product to see what’s covered.

Is there value to purchasing with this manufacturer?

When we say value, we don’t always mean getting the cheapest HVAC to do the same job as an expensive one. We mean getting what you pay for and having quality to match. Some manufacturers are pricier but have better warranties and reliability. Some are cheaper and built with nearly the same quality as the big brands, but may lack in efficiency. You need to research what’s important to you and where you want your money spent – upfront on product and installation or over time on paying your higher monthly energy bills.

Does the manufacturer keep innovating?

What is this company working toward for the future? It may not seem like an important question to ask yourself when making a purchase today, but if the company is big on innovating and improving its technology, then it’s also investing in its current products. A history of innovation means that the products you have available to you in the market today are top-of-the-line and the newest features you can purchase. In addition, if the company keeps innovating, there may be add-ons that can make your HVAC system even better and more efficient in the future.

After you ask yourself those questions, keep in mind that the final step to manufacturing your HVAC system is actually installing it in your home. Getting a quality contractor to do the task makes all the difference when it comes to efficiency and longevity of your system. In fact, many of the top brands only allow their products to be installed by licensed and certified contractors for their brand. After all, there’s no handyman special for quality you can trust!

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