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Why Now is the Best Time to Switch to a Smart Home

Smart homeDid you know that spring is one of the best times of the year to make changes and upgrades to your HVAC system? Not only is it a great time to shop for deals or schedule your annual inspection, but it’s also a great time to outfit your smart home. Here’s why:

Springtime Savings

Springtime is typically a slower season for HVAC professionals, so you can often find specials and sales on installation costs. Manufacturers may also offer spring specials, sales, or rebates. So if you’re thinking about a new system or a major upgrade to your current system, now is a good time to start your comparison shopping. That’s especially true if you’re looking for new or upgraded air conditioning. You’ll want to get that job done before the hot weather hits. But don’t overlook the value of upgrading your furnace—spring is a good time to get that installation work done, too.

New Products

It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to release new products in the springtime, often in conjunction with sales or specials. Because the HVAC industry is a little slower in spring, it’s also a good time to visit dealers for product demos. You’ll have more relaxed time to ask all your questions and learn about how the new generation of products can improve your home’s comfort and efficiency.

Ready for a Smart Home?

First, you may be wondering what we mean when we talk about a smart home. It can mean a couple of things. One is that your home is equipped with one or more “smart” devices, like a WiFi thermostat. Another is that all of your smart devices are integrated and connected to a single app. You’ll also hear this referred to as home automation.

  • If you’re considering upgrades to your furnace or AC, you’ll definitely want to consider adding a WiFi thermostat. Not only will you have the convenience of being able to control your home’s temperature (and often humidity), but you’ll have access to more advanced features – like alerts if your home’s temperature or humidity levels rise above or fall below levels you define. Or custom energy-usage reports that can help you save money. We recommend you take a look at Carrier’s line of WiFi thermostats. They’re advanced, reliable, and super easy to use.

  • If you’re ready to connect even more smart devices into one convenient app, be sure to take a look at Carrier’s Cor® Home Automation system. Using a single smart phone app, you’ll be able to control your home’s temperature and lighting, lock and unlock doors, monitor indoor and outdoor activity, and more. The Cor® Home Automation kit will get you started in a jiffy with its simple DIY installation, free app, and online support. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have the smartest home on the block!

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