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Smart Thermostat Comparison: Côr™ vs. Nest vs. Honeywell

Cor-Rest-Screen-226126-editedThe marketplace for smart thermostats got even bigger with the launch of Carrier’s Côr™ thermostat earlier this year. If you are doing a smart thermostat comparison, there’s many to choose from – Côr™, Nest, Honeywell Lyric, etc., and we at Carrier and are here to tell you why the Côr™ Thermostat stands out above the rest.

What Smart Thermostats Can Do

Not all smart thermostats are created equal. Whether it’s with design or function, each system has its own features that make it unique. The fundamental thing that a smart thermostat can do – compared with a regular thermostat or a programmable thermostat – is learn from you. Smart thermostats are able to be controlled remotely, learn from your behaviors and schedule, show you your energy consumption, and some, like the Côr™, can even adjust to outside weather conditions in order to make sure you have the greatest comfort. Many, including the Côr™ Thermostat, have sensors that will be able to tell if you are home and adjust accordingly.

With programmable thermostats, you are able to set up a schedule to turn the thermostat up or down depending on if you are at work, sleeping, or returning home. Smart thermostats can do that too, but there’s room for flexibility. For example, if you are staying an extra night at the cabin, leaving early from work to go home, or staying out a little later for a happy hour, you can manage your thermostat from your phone or website – saving your home energy while you are away or preparing your home for your early return.

What Makes Côr™ Stand Out

First, the Carrier’s Côr™ Thermostat stands out for its look that is similar to a smartphone. It has touch activation, and you can literally control your house anywhere in the world with Internet, with the touch of a button.

“If you can operate a smartphone, you can operate a Côr™ Thermostat,” says Keith Hill, technical support manager at Minnesota Air. “It is very intuitive, like most popular smartphones.”

Keith says because of that feature, most people will rarely access the thermostat directly, since the web app is so quick and so easy to use. If you are in the home office or already snug under the covers, you don’t even have to get up to have ultimate comfort.

“Why walk to the thermostat to make an adjustment or view comfort conditions when you have instant access on your smartphone or tablet?” he says.

Next, the Côr™ Thermostat has monthly and real-time energy reports that can help a homeowner save more money. If you are cost conscious and want to keep your energy bills low, you’ll be able to see month-to-month comparisons that will show fuel usage compared to a conventional thermostat. If you notice a big jump in your bill, the reports will alert you to the biggest contributing factor. If you’re curious what other Côr™ users are spending on energy in your area, the reports will let you know, based on similar homes in the community. 

Finally, Côr™ stands out with its energy savings feature that will make suggestions and give you customized tips on how to reduce your energy usage once it ‘learns’ your preferences and routine.

“It will never change any set points without your permission, but it will make suggestions and offer tips,” says Keith. “With a simple click of a ‘yes’ button, it will make those changes for you without having to access menu pages.”

Come ask us how the Côr™ can help you save! If you are interested in learning more about getting one installed, talk to our experts at to learn more.

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