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The 4 Things Air Conditioning Experts Want You To Know


There are many different pieces of advice to be given when it comes to keeping cool in the summer, but air conditioning experts can agree that when it comes to ACs, nothing will help keep you more comfortable than taking good care of your air conditioner and learning to use it efficiently. Here are four things experts want you to know about your air conditioner.

Make Sure To Get Regular Maintenance/ Inspections

It may seem like a non-essential out-of-pocket expense to get your AC checked once or twice a year, but regular maintenance checks are shown to improve efficiency and overall longevity of your AC. That means you likely won’t need to replace out the whole expensive system anytime soon and it will cost you much less to run it.

A professional can check to make sure your coils are clean and all parts are working properly. Our resident expert, Keith Hill, technical support manager from Minnesota Air, says to remember that neglect can lead to bigger issues.

“It’s so easy to take our HVAC systems for granted,” he says. “If they are working properly, they are ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ But that’s the issue. If we neglect them, they could develop problems.”

Check And Change Your HVAC Filter – Even In The Summer

Another important part of keeping your AC running is changing the filter regularly. Many people think because they aren’t running the furnace in the summer, that they don’t need to change the filter, but that is wrong. Your filter is a big part of what can change the airflow.

A dirty filter means your AC will need to work harder to keep you cool. And because a dirty filter leads to improper airflow, you’ll see your energy bills go up if you don’t clean it or change it regularly. 

Don’t Block Grilles And Registers With Furniture Or Rugs

Since airflow is such an important part of keeping your AC running efficiently, make sure the cool air can actually get to each room of the house by clearing registers and grilles.

A blocked grille or register can often get overlooked in favor of a room’s aesthetic appeal. We push couches against a wall, lay down area rugs, and pile up toys or backpacks on the floor or up against walls. Remember that for every covered grille or register, it’s wasted energy and comfort that you are literally blocking from entering your home.

It May Not Save You Money To Open A Window Instead

We know, we know – cracking open a window may seem like the common-sense way to save money on summer cooling costs, but it can actually do just the opposite. The key is to only open windows for free cooling if it’s both cool and dry outside, otherwise, you are just costing your home more money and burning through energy efficiency.

“It takes a lot more energy to remove humidity than it does to cool the air,” says Keith. “Once you have your home dehumidified, don’t open up and let all that moisture back in. Your pocketbook will thank you.”

For more advice on maintaining your air conditioning unit, click here, and make sure to talk to the HVAC experts at to find out more ways to get the most out of your AC.

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