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The Importance of Changing your Furnace Filter

Change your Furnace Filter to Keep Air Quality Clean

Changing your furnace
It’s one of those things you know you should do; it’s easy and important. But for whatever reason you can't remember the last time you cleaned or changed your furnace filter. Somehow, you need to get a system in place for making sure that filter is kept clean. Air filters play an important part in the air quality of your home as well as keeping your furnace functioning properly. Here is why changing out (or cleaning) your furnace filter is so important:

Air Quality:

Without clean air filters, dirty air can enter your home through your ductwork, causing all sorts of issues.

  • Health-related issues, such as eye irritation, respiratory problems, and allergies can be compounded with poor indoor air quality related to a dirty furnace filter
  • Home issues – your space is definitely dirtier and requires greater care and more cleaning


The air filter in your furnace is a necessary component to keep your unit operating efficiently and effectively.

  • Protects important motor parts from particles that can impact their function
  • Reduces the chance of build-ups, clogs in the system and therefore repairs
  • Keeps the unit running efficiently, therefore saving energy and money on your energy bills

Your furnace may require a particular kind of filter, so check your manufacturer’s manual. But in general, there are two types of furnace filters, each with pros and cons:

Disposable: These are easy to change out – you just remove the old one, toss it and replace it with a new one.  They are found easily at hardware stores and come in a variety of ratings (regarding how effective they are) and sizes for various furnace units. The downfall is that over time, you do pay for the convenience as the costs for replacement add up. AND, if you go for the cheap versions, you aren’t really doing enough to keep your furnace and air clean.

Reusable: These require more work on your part – usually a hosing down to get them clean and ready to go back into your unit.  But they generally do a better job at collecting those particles that you want kept out of your furnace and your home.

During the heating season it is recommended to clean or change out the filter monthly, which is sometimes hard to remember. But it’s especially important to do if you have pets in the home (all that extra fur and dander), a smoker in the family, or someone with health issues. Make it a priority and you’ll have a healthier furnace and home.

In this video Jim from Quality Heating and Air Service in Shakopee, MN shows how to check your filter and just what you may find if you don’t check it frequently.

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