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Keep Warm with these Top Furnace Brands

59mn7aWe’ve all played the childhood game Musical Chairs, right? Where a group of peers keep changing chairs as the music plays and stops until there is just one top chair left, and one winner. Well that is sort of what it’s like when it comes to ranking top furnace brands. The same brands show up year after year - they’ve all been in ‘the game’ and all taken a turn as the top brand winner in furnace rankings. Here are the top furnace brands in no particular order – because they’ve all recently been at the top.


Carrier is a leading manufacturer and marketer of gas central furnaces. Carrier central furnaces are available in single and multistage configurations, with some models capable of an AFUE rating of more than 90. Carrier markets units that meet Energy Star requirements and Carriers are sold through their dealer network

American Standard

American Standard manufactures and markets central furnaces that are available in single and multistage configurations as well, with some models capable of an AFUE rating of more than 90 percent. American Standard markets units that meet Energy Star and are also sold through their dealer network.

Bryant Heating & Cooling, Lennox and Trane 

Each of these brands manufacture and market gas central furnaces too, with models capable of AFUE ratings of more than 90 percent. They also have units that meet Energy Star are sold through dealer networks.

To begin the process of finding the right furnace for you, get bids. Contact your local furnace dealers and see what they recommend for a new furnace for your home – and compare one brand to another. You will find a dealer, furnace and price that is right for you - and if you choose a furnace from the top brands listed above, you will likely be very satisfied.

Let us know if we can help you find the best furnace for your home or answer your furnace questions.


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