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Top-Of-The-Line HVAC Trends in New Homes

Spotting HVAC Trends at Parade of Homes

It’s the time of year where winter is starting to feel long, and people are busy planning distractions – like
HVAC trends in new homestrips or house projects – to get us through the season and into spring.

One of those traditional “distractions” in Minnesota is the annual Parade of Homes, a luxury home tour that runs from Feb. 28 through March 29 this year. Not only can you get great ideas for your own house (or just live vicariously through seeing some amazing homes), but you will also be able to see what top-of-the-line trends there are in home furnishings and comfort.

We are pleased to say that Minnesota Air, Inc. is a vendor on the Parade of Homes, and we can promise that you will see some top-of-the-line HVAC systems on the tour.

Here’s what you can expect to see when you tour these “model” homes:

Multiple Systems

With big homes, come big HVAC systems that can bring the best indoor comfort to the whole house. 

“You will definitely see multiple systems,” says Keith Hill, manager, technical support, for Minnesota Air. “(We’re talking about) two or three furnace and air conditioning combos, or zoning, or a combination of both for unsurpassed climate control in every room.”  

A zoning system in a luxury home allows the homeowner to set different temperatures for different parts of the house – or in this case – mansion. That means each “zone” can have its own climate. Imagine bedrooms being set to each family member’s temperature preference, or only heating a home office that you primarily spend time in during the day. These are great examples of the comfort and efficiency of HVAC zoning.

Great Attention To Indoor Air Quality

You won’t see a mansion that cuts corners with indoor air quality. This is the air you and your family live and breathe in, and it is top-of-mind in luxury homes, Keith says. 

He said many of the homes have specialized filtration systems, humidity control (central humidifiers and central dehumidifiers), and well-designed ventilation systems, including whole house ventilation using heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) that can provide clean air and greater energy efficiency. There are even specialty ventilation systems for large kitchen exhausts, spa rooms, fitness rooms and home gyms where you want the moisture and smells out and clean, fresh air brought in.

Home Automation

In luxury homes, you’ll notice everything seems to be on the “set it and forget it” plan. When a home can run on its own, it provides even greater ease and simplicity for the homeowner.

“(You’ll see) automation in everything from Wi-Fi thermostats, all the way to fully integrated systems using remote devices (laptops, tablets, etc.) to control not only the HVAC, but the security system, lighting systems, and even the entertainment systems,” Keith says. 

Alternate Home Energy Systems

Many of the newer luxury homes are being built with a “green” mindset. Alternate energy systems may be part of the high-end homes you see. A geothermal system uses coils underground to transfer hot and cold air from the earth into your home. And a solar energy system uses panels to transfer energy collected from the sun. Geothermal and solar are not uncommon, both for heating and domestic water heating, says Keith.

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