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What You Need To Know Before An Air Conditioner Installation


Summer is the season for enjoying the heat while also finding ways to keep cool. For example, after having fun at the beach, ballgame or park, it’s nice to return to a cool, comfortable, air conditioned home. Not to mention sleeping in comfort after a blistering hot summer day. So, if you’ve been jealous of the folks with AC, and plan to get a new air conditioner this summer, here’s what you need to know before an air conditioner installation.

Make Sure You Get The Right Size Unit

 Bigger is not necessarily better when making upgrades to your air conditioner. According to our resident expert, Keith Hill, technical support manager at Minnesota Air, the process leading up to a new AC installation is pretty straightforward — and finding the right size is step one.

 “The pro needs to determine the size of the new unit,” he says. “If you’re replacing an old unit, you should not assume that the old unit is sized correctly. Larger units run less frequently and do a poor job of dehumidification.”

 Homes that feel cooler but still have humidity trapped inside feel cold and clammy. They are not only uncomfortable, but can be unhealthy, especially to those suffering from allergies or other respiratory problems. A correctly sized unit won’t cool too quickly, so there will be the proper amount of time to also remove humidity.

“Have the pro do a load calculation to get the right size,” says Keith.

To get an estimate of the size you’ll need, click here for an online calculator.

Be Prepared To Give The Pro Access

 After you’ve chosen the right unit, made the purchase, and selected the day your technician will come do the install, you’ll want to coordinate with the HVAC company. Find out what you need to prepare yourself vs. what the tech will do on installation day.

 “The technician will need easy access to both the outdoor area where the condensing unit is being installed and the furnace area for installation of the evaporator coil – commonly called A-coil since the coil is shaped like a large A,” says Keith. “They will also need access to the areas of the home between the furnace and the outdoor unit for installation of the interconnecting tubing (called a line set), and the low voltage wire that controls the outdoor unit.”

 Keith says they will also access the high voltage power supply, so make sure your main electrical panel is also cleared and ready for a visit.  

Get An Overview Of Your New Machine

 Lastly, Keith says it’s good to remember that the process is usually complete in less than a day if all goes well. The good news about that is you won’t have to go without the use of your HVAC system for an extended period. The bad news is that you’ll have a limited amount of face-to-face time with your HVAC technician, so be prepared with any questions you may have beforehand.

 “Make sure you ask the pro to give you an overview of the unit and discuss maintenance needs,” says Keith. “If the thermostat was replaced, make sure to become familiar with that, as well.”

 There’s no better time to get a walk through on how to maintain your new AC unit than the moment it’s installed – it’s an investment in your comfort that you’ll want to take good care of!

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