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Why Fall is a Great Time to Buy a New HVAC System

Buy a New HVAC System This Fall As the crisp fall air begins to push aside the humid days of summer, you may be excited to finally save some money on your heating and cooling bills by living blissfully in that happy time where you can turn off the air conditioner yet still don’t need to turn on your heat. Enjoy it, it goes by quick! However, if you know that your HVAC system is getting up there in age, this “in-between” time during the autumn is also the perfect time to look at replacing your old system. Here are a few reasons why fall is such a good time to buy a new HVAC system.

The Weather Will Cooperate

No one wants to replace out their old HVAC system on a hot 90-degree day  that will leave you feeling miserable. And the same goes for a freezing cold day. Can you imagine needing to replace out ductwork, furnaces, and all the other equipment in the middle of sub-zero temperatures? It happens, but for those who know their HVAC system is running on borrowed time, don’t wait until it breaks. The “in-between” time of fall (and spring) really gives you so many benefits  with the milder weather being a big factor.

You Can Save Money

Because you have time on your side with the cooperating weather, you also have time to shop around for the best deal. What system can give you what you want for the right price? Are there rebates or closeouts? Are there warranty bonuses?

And remember it’s the “in-between” season for HVAC professionals, too. Shop around for the best contractor. They won’t be busy doing those emergency repairs that need to happen right away in the winter and summer, so you’ll have more time with them to get your questions answered and ask for their expert advice. Plus, you won’t be paying that premium for emergency HVAC replacement if you plan ahead.

More Time For Research

Another bonus to getting a new HVAC installed in fall is that you’ll have more time for research. You can look around for the best system for you and your house. Don’t just get the newer model of what you already have – do your homework. Maybe you want something with high-efficiency now to save you money and energy. Perhaps there is a model that can provide even greater comfort to you and your family. Maybe you want a system that provides all the bells and whistles of modern technology and that’s connected to your smartphone so you can control it anywhere.

There are so many new options and improvements since the time that your last HVAC was installed. Buying in the fall really gives you time to look into those.

Remember, HVAC systems are like puzzles. They work best if all the pieces come in the same box. So replacing the whole system at the same time during a good time of year is better for efficiency than if you pieced a system together.

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