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Why Zone Cooling Might Be the Answer to Your Home's Rising Heat Problem

zone coolingHeat rises. It’s a concept taught in grade-school science class and one that can prove to be a problem for some homeowners. It’s not uncommon for upper levels of a home to be harder to cool than lower levels. A typical solution is to lower the thermostat temperature to compensate, but that can have the whole family grabbing sweaters just to stay comfortable on lower levels. And guess what that does to your energy bill? Here are some situations where zone cooling might be the solution.

Classic Cooling Challenges

Heat rising to upper levels and making cooling more difficult or expensive is just one of the challenges some homeowners face with air conditioning. Other areas of the home where cooling can be a challenge include:

  • Remote portions of the home, like an addition
  • Areas near or next to heat-producing appliances — like a bedroom that abuts the laundry area
  • Rooms with high heat gain, such as those with a lot of south-facing windows
  • Rooms that get less airflow due to older ductwork

Do any of these sound like problems in your home? Regardless of the cause, the addition of zone cooling or supplemental ductless cooling may be the answer for you.

Zone Cooling

Zone cooling creates the ability to control the temperature of separate rooms or “zones” in your home. Special dampers are installed in your ductwork that direct airflow where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat—and there’s typically a master control panel, as well.

This customization lets you control your cooling (but this applies to heating, as well) in any area of your home. That includes rooms that are infrequently used or rooms that are closed off for a season. Not only does this provide targeted cooling, it can save on energy costs over the long term.

Zone cooling is most common in new-home construction, but existing homes can be retrofitted to add zones. That could be throughout the home, or in specific “problem” areas. To find out what’s best for your situation, call in your AC professionals. They’ll be able to assess your home’s needs and advise you on the best approaches and best products. Among those are Carrier’s Performance™ Comfortzone™ systems.

Ductless Cooling

Another option to even out your home’s cooling needs is to install a ductless system. These systems afford a great deal of flexibility in handling almost any situation — including homes that don’t have ductwork. They can be installed to cover the entire home or targeted to individual rooms as supplemental to an existing central air conditioning system.

The inside units are small, discreet, and typically installed toward the top of the wall, near the ceiling. They’re quiet, easy to control remotely, and easily blend in with almost any décor. The condenser, like a traditional unit, is located outside. As with all of their products, Carrier offers a superior line of ductless options.

Does it sound like zone or ductless cooling might be the answer to your upper level heat problem? Use our convenient dealer locator to find a reputable professional in your area.

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