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Will My Old Furnace Work With The New Côr Thermostat?

The New Côr Thermostat In Your Home 

A lesson we all learn in life is how important it is to work together. We learn from those who are different Cor_Thermostatthan us, and grow into better versions of ourselves just by working as part of a team. Life is easier when we work together. So what does a thermostat have to do with being a part of a team? Meet your HVAC system’s newest teammate – the Côr thermostat. And boy, is she smart and easy to work with!

You may have already read about Carrier’s new Côr thermostat and its ability to control your home’s comfort with simple ease and efficiency from anywhere in the world. If not, your smarter home solution is here. What we want to tell you more about is not only how easy the Cor thermostat is to use, but how easy going it is when it comes to compatibility with other HVAC systems. 

HVAC System Compatibility 

Carrier says they designed this versatile little thermostat to be readily compatible with a number of HVAC system types and brands. Even if your home’s HVAC system isn’t made by Carrier, it can still alert you when it’s time to call for routine maintenance. It’s flexible enough to work with any conventional furnace. Even two-stage heat and two-stage cooling systems will work great with the new Wi-Fi capable thermostat. 

“The Cor thermostat will compliment any gas furnace, oil furnace or electric furnace with or without air conditioning,” says Keith Hill, from MN AIR. “Heat pumps? No problem. The Cor thermostat works with any multi-stage stage system.” 

Home Comfort Via Your Cell Phone

This little teammate gives your current HVAC system the winning play with controls that offer convenient remote access and energy saving intelligence. You just need to be connected to the Internet and you have complete control over your system from the comfort of your couch or across the ocean. From a simple mobile phone app, you can set your home’s temperature or get reports on how much you’re saving each month with smart setback–a feature that Carrier says “intelligently adapts beyond manual programming for greater efficiency.” 

It’s flexibility means older furnace models just got an IQ boost when connected to a Cor Thermostat. Who wouldn’t want this little genius of a product on their home’s team? 

For more information about the Cor Thermostat or other products from Carrier, find your local heating specialists at Stay Comfy, Minnesota. 

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