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Reasons Why You Should Consider Zone Heating Your Home

Zone HeatingPerhaps you’ve heard of zone heating and are wondering if it’s right for your home. If it’s comfort, convenience, heating, and quiet operation that you want from your HVAC system, zone heating may be the perfect choice for you. While it’s more commonly installed in new home construction, zone heating is still a viable option for many homeowners.

What Exactly is Zone Heating?

Zone heating — what the pros call “forced air zoned heating” — is when motorized dampers are installed in a furnace’s duct system, allowing individual rooms or groups of rooms — the zones — to be heated separately from other zones in the home. It’s a way of having more precise and focused control of the temperature in your home.

Instead of having one thermostat that controls the temperature of the entire house based on where it’s located, a zoned system has multiple thermostats, one in each zone. This provides heat separately to each zone based on the temperature the thermostat in that zone is calling for.

Benefits of Zone Heating

Zoned heating eliminates uneven heating in your home and can be especially helpful in homes where the temperature can vary significantly from area to area. With the individual control of zones, you can decide exactly where you want warmer or cooler areas.

For example, some homes have trouble heating the basement without overheating other areas of the home. If your basement is set up on a separate zone, you can control it independently without the overheating problem on upper levels.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of personal preference. Some folks may prefer the bedrooms cooler for a better night’s sleep, but want the kitchen toasty warm when they wake up. That’s all doable with zoned heating.

Zoning can also save you money on fuel costs by turning down the thermostat in areas of the home that you use less frequently or where you need less warmth. So for convenience, comfort, and cost savings, zoned heating can be a great investment

Retrofitting Your House with Zone Heating

While some experts will say that zone heating is best installed as part of a new home HVAC system, new improvements in furnace controls and zone damper technology make it easier than ever before to install a zoned system in an existing home.

Retrofitting your home will involve installing the motorized dampers in your ductwork, as well as installing the additional thermostats in each zone. There is also a master control unit called a “zone panel” that will need to be added.

Depending on the age and configuration of your current duct system and the areas you want zoned, there may also be some duct modifications needed.

It’s best to talk with your HVAC professional about what exactly would be required for your situation.

Modern Zone Heating Systems

Older zoning systems operated less efficiently and with greater noise than what’s available today. Modern systems eliminate the noise and high-velocity airflow that was associated with those systems.

At Stay Comfy, we recommend a Carrier Infinity zoned system coupled with an Infinity furnace. This totally modulating system provides the exact amount of heat and airflow needed to accurately heat each zone. The Infinity furnace and Infinity zone system work in harmony to provide quiet, even heat to the home, making it the very best in home comfort.

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